Prevent a Legionella hazard at your facility.

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Water Program

Legionnaires’ disease is a severe form of pneumonia with fatality rates between 10-25%. Outbreaks often make news headlines, but according to the CDC, simply following a water safety management plan could prevent up to 90% of Legionnaires’ disease cases in the US.

A GermBlast site-specific water management program follows ASHRAE standard 188 and includes:

  • Flow diagrams for portable and process water systems
  • Control locations to prevent hazards
  • Hazard analysis summaries
  • Control limits and monitoring schedules for each control point
  • Employee training
  • Corrective actions to take when critical limits are not met
  • Verification and validation strategies
  • Assistance with documentation and record-keeping
  • Chemical and equipment recommendations for Legionella bacteria control

We work with facility managers to mitigate the health risks associated with pathogens in water. GermBlast’s water management program can help prevent a Legionella hazard at your facility.

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