Mar 31, 2021

Hope “Springs” Eternal

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Sep 1, 2021

Indeed, the spring of 2021 is full of hope. This time last year, however, the festivities of spring were stalled, to say the least. The COVID-19 pandemic had gripped the world and stopped it in its tracks. Travel, socializing, and life seemed to cease to exist. Fear and uncertainty replaced the hope and excitement that spring naturally brings.


Can you imagine the Easter bunny hopping across the lawn while the children hunt eggs or the smell of the beautiful lilies in Grandma’s front yard that signify the resurrection of hope and happiness? "Yes!", is your resounding reply, right? “I am ready to reclaim my life,” you say. The reality is we are closer to that happening than we have been in a year.


What spring traditions are you looking forward to resuming? Family dinners, picnics with extended friends and family, and trips to amusement parks all sound like fun, but there is something that cannot be ignored or forgotten. We are still in the midst of the Pandemic. The good news is there are three vaccines on the market and people around the world are being vaccinated in masses. Surely, we can let our guard down now? Well, not quite yet.


Let’s talk about safe celebrations because you are correct, it is time to begin reclaiming our lives. The three W’s are still appropriate and are the primary way to decrease the spread of COVID-19:


Wear a Mask (age 2 and over)

Watch Your Distance

Wash Your Hands


Wear a Mask:

Wear a mask that has two or more washable, breathable fabrics, even 2 masks.

Make sure you cover your nose and mouth.

Ensure you have a good fit. Make sure the sides fit well on the sides and air doesn’t escape through the top.


Watch Your Distance:

Maintain social/physical distancing (6 feet-2 arm lengths) from others, not in the same household with you.

Avoid crowds.


Wash Your Hands:

Wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds with soap and water.

Use hand sanitizer when soap and water are unavailable.


Springtime is the beginning of the year's celebrations. Is it possible to have safe celebrations with others? Yes! Here are a few suggestions to decrease the risk to you and your guests.

Hold your event outdoors if possible. If that is not possible, open up the windows to allow for adequate ventilation.

Consider limiting the number of attendees. Ask attendees to wear masks or supply them.

Use single-use items, such as disposable utensils that are pre-wrapped in napkins.

Consider pre-wrapped servings or meals.

Have someone serve the guests their meals. This will limit the number of people who touch the serving utensils.

Clean and disinfect high-touch areas frequently.

Encourage hand washing by providing hand sanitizer or access to soap and water.


Spring has sprung! It is time for fun, but don’t forget to be safe.



Phyllis Riles, RN is a certified Infection Control and Prevention (CIC) nurse who specializes in educating others on practical ways to prevent the spread of disease.



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