Every year hundreds of thousands of patients enter hospitals and healthcare facilities for one health problem only to contract a healthcare-associated infection while receiving treatment.


Infection Prevention and High Level Disinfection for Healthcare

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) pose significant risks to patients, leading to lifelong health problems and, in severe cases, even death. In response to recent legislation mandating the reduction of HAIs, hospitals and healthcare facilities are adopting more stringent infection prevention practices. GermBlast, the industry’s leading disinfection and infection prevention company and consultant based in Texas, offers specialized hospital and medical disinfection services aimed at combating HAIs effectively.

Our Approach to Healthcare Disinfection

GermBlast's comprehensive disinfection services for healthcare facilities encompass both environmental disinfection and equipment sanitation. Our GermBlast disinfection service targets critical environments within healthcare facilities, ensuring the elimination of harmful pathogens that can lead to HAIs. Additionally, our GermBlast Wash® offers specialized equipment sanitation (effectively killing 99.999% of pathogens) and is designed to combat harmful microorganisms on mobile, non-electric apparatus, such as stretchers, wheelchairs, and IV poles for up to 90 days, further reducing the risk of contamination.

Beyond Disinfection

Our commitment to fighting HAIs extends beyond the initial treatment. GermBlast provides ongoing support to healthcare facilities, empowering them to maintain infection control measures effectively. This includes comprehensive training for Environmental Services (EVS) staff, available through both live sessions and E-learning modules. We also offer consultation services and stakeholder awareness campaigns to reinforce best practices in infection prevention.

Data-Driven Solutions

GermBlast revolutionizes infection prevention with our GermStats data analysis and environmental health monitoring system. This innovative tool provides real-time insights into the cleanliness and safety of healthcare environments, enabling proactive decision-making and ensuring compliance with infection control standards.

Zero Is Possible

At GermBlast, we believe that zero healthcare-associated infections are possible. Our mission is to empower infection preventionists and Environmental Services professionals with the confidence of knowing that their facility is protected against HAIs. With GermBlast, healthcare facilities can achieve unparalleled levels of cleanliness and safety, safeguarding the health and well-being of their patients and staff.

Why Professional Disinfecting and Infection Prevention By GermBlast in Healthcare

  • Expertise: GermBlast's trained technicians adhere to rigorous standards and protocols, ensuring consistent and effective results in healthcare disinfection.
  • EPA-Approved Solutions: We use only EPA-approved disinfectants and processes, ensuring the safety and efficacy of our services in healthcare settings.
  • Support and Investment: Healthcare Partners receive around-the-clock support from our team of expert technicians, microbiologists, epidemiologists, consultants, and researchers to aid in the fight against HAIs.

When Professional Disinfecting and Infection Prevention May Be Needed in Healthcare

  • Confirmed Cases of Illness: Prompt and thorough disinfection is essential in response to confirmed cases of contagious illnesses within healthcare facilities, such as influenza, norovirus, or COVID-19.
  • High-Traffic Environments: Areas with high foot traffic, including patient rooms, waiting areas, and common spaces, require regular disinfection to mitigate the risk of infection transmission among patients and staff.
  • Data Analysis: Data capturing and analysis is vital to the success of EVS staff, facility management, risk management, and legal departments of healthcare facilities, and ensures all roles are held accountable and results of infection prevention efforts can be measured efficiently.

Tommy Parks, Facilities Management Director of Pampas Regional Hospital talks about additional training provided as part of their partnership with GermBlast helps inform their policies and provides additional training for their EVS staff. Having a reliable sanitizing company in Texas helps boost the confidence of the PRH EVS staff.

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