Common touchpoint in classrooms are responsible for about half of virus transmission. That means all those computer keyboards, tablets, calculators and more that students (or staff) touch each day create a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.


GermTech: Advanced Computer and Device Disinfection Service

At GermBlast, our mission is to prioritize the health and safety of students, staff, and communities by keeping the fight against germs outside the body. Our GermTech service offers specialized computer and device disinfection solutions tailored for schools, offices, and other device-using facilities and industries providing advanced protection against contamination.

Our Approach To GermTech Device Disinfection

GermTech offers three tiers of service to accommodate the unique needs and budgets of each school:

Tier 1. Disinfection: Comprehensive disinfection of computers and devices.

Tier 2. Disinfection and GermBlast Shield®: Enhanced protection with the application of GermBlast Shield®, a patented solution that inhibits the growth of harmful microbes on surfaces for up to 90 days.

Tier 3. Disinfection, GermBlast Shield®, and Device Service Tracking: Complete solution including device service tracking for comprehensive maintenance and monitoring.

We understand that every school has unique requirements. GermTech offers customizable programs tailored to meet specialized needs, ensuring optimal protection and peace of mind.

What’s Included In GermTech

Three-Part Service

Our GermTech service comprises three essential steps, meticulously executed by GermTech service technicians:

    1. Disinfection: Thorough disinfection of each device, ensuring the elimination of harmful pathogens.
    2. GermBlast Shield® Application: Application of GermBlast Shield® for long-lasting protection against microbial threats.
    3. Device Service Tracking: Individual barcoding of treated devices for tracking and updating within our GermStats software, facilitating easy monitoring and maintenance.

GermTech service technicians meticulously treat each device individually by hand, protecting screens from hazing and sensitive electronics from overspray or moisture damage. Docking stations and storage towers are also treated to ensure comprehensive protection.

Benefits of GermTech

  • Proven Effectiveness: GermTech is a proven way to protect students and staff, providing reassurance to parents and the community about the safety of school devices.
  • Boosted Confidence: By investing in GermTech, schools can boost confidence in their infection prevention measures, demonstrating a commitment to the health and well-being of students and staff.

Ready to safeguard your devices with GermTech? Give us a call at 877.771.3558 to learn more about our high-touch surface cleaning services tailored for schools, offices, and other device-using facilities and industries.

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