We spend 90% of our time indoors, yet typical air filters only capture 5-15% of pollutants, and poor air quality means poor health and productivity.

GermBlast offers comprehensive indoor air purification services and solutions in Texas to improve the overall health and productivity of your students, employees, patients, and family. We provide multiple zero-ozone emission options that help clean the air and eliminate pathogens, indoor air quality investigations, real-time indoor air quality monitoring, biological aerosol testing, and consultations to help you take control of the air you breathe and make progress toward a healthier environment.

One of our best commercial air filtration systems we offer Texas businesses is Needlepoint Bipolar Air Ionization. Needlepoint bipolar ionization technology creates and releases ions into the airstream using your existing HVAC system as the delivery method. When these ions disperse throughout a space, they seek out and form bonds with particles in the air through a process called agglomeration. This creates a snowball effect in which particles begin to cluster together. The larger a cluster of particles becomes, the easier it is for your system to filter it out of the air. Additionally, when ions come in contact with pathogens it disrupts the pathogen’s surface proteins, rendering them inactive and harmless.

It can be installed directly into your existing HVAC system, requires zero to very little ongoing maintenance, requires no filters, kills pathogens, neutralizes VOCs, and odors, is very energy efficient and creates NO ozone byproduct like many other ionization methods.

We also offer several other very effective air purification services and solutions in Texas as well, so call us at 877.771.3558 to find out how we can help you breathe easier!

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